angiesimpson5: Gigi and Justin turning up at Cody’s last show in Portugal 😍 @gigihadid @justinstirling @codysimpson
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Cody Simpson - The Acoustic Sessions Tour 2014 [x]
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gigihadid: pre show, portugal
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@CodySimpson: quick shot with my boy @stuntmanphotography pre-show. last European acoustic session wrapped up last night in Portugal. so stoked on how it all ended up. improved significantly as a live musician and guitarist this month. All live. I see what the future is going to shape up to be. so much love to all the ladies and gents that came to catch a show, had the sickest time with all of you. I’ll be doing it again real soon!! cheers!
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@CodySimpson: Spanish ladies #unoanytime
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@CodySimpson: Starting to find my feet.. literally. fun acoustic jam in London.
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thomasadams85: @CodySimpson & @GiGiHadid rockin’ their new onesies from @onepiece
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